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Wayne Hickory, DMD, MDS, MS

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Since braces and Invisalign® can cause difficulties or add stress to your regular routine, you might prefer to get your treatment over with faster than your original plan. At Embassy Row Orthodontics in DuPont Circle in Washington DC, experienced orthodontist Wayne Hickory, DMD, MDS, MS, offers accelerated orthodontics using PROPEL® systems. To learn more about how accelerated orthodontics makes orthodontic treatments quicker, call Embassy Row Orthodontics or book a consultation online today.

Accelerated Orthodontics Q&A

What are accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics are treatments used to speed up orthodontic treatments. While orthodontic options like braces or Invisalign® can effectively shift your teeth, some people find that the process takes too long. 

At Embassy Row Orthodontics, Dr. Hickory offers accelerated orthodontics as an optional add-on to your orthodontic treatment. If you’re interested in learning about accelerated orthodontics, he helps you compare options and tells you how long your treatment will take with them versus without them. 

Dr. Hickory first performs an examination and reviews your dental history. Next, he can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics. Your choice of accelerated orthodontics might involve minor surgery, so it’s important that you’re in good overall health if you want to take part. 

What are my options for accelerated orthodontics?

Embassy Row Orthodontics is constantly adopting new technologies and using the latest techniques for orthodontic care. 

As a result, Dr. Hickory proudly offers more than one accelerated orthodontics option to help you customize your treatment. Depending on your needs and preferences, he might suggest:

PROPEL® micro-perforations

Think of PROPEL microperforations like microneedling for your jawbone areas around specific teeth. It helps soften the bone so your teeth will move into position faster during orthodontic treatment. 

PROPEL vibration technology

PROPEL vibration technology works by sending vibrations through your teeth and jawbone. It stimulates bone remodeling so your teeth will move faster during treatment. 

Am I a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is an impressive advancement in the field of orthodontic care, but not everyone is a good candidate. During your consultation, Dr. Hickory’s evaluations determine whether accelerated orthodontics is a good option for you. 

You might be a candidate for accelerated orthodontics if you:

  • Have good bone health
  • Are taking part in traditional orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign
  • Want to reduce the overall orthodontic treatment time
  • Have an event coming up that you want to look great for
  • Want to spend less time traveling to and from the office

Some orthodontic issues are incompatible with accelerated orthodontics and may even require more advanced treatments, like orthognathic surgery. 

Getting a straighter smile is an achievable goal, but it can take lots of time without accelerated orthodontics. Schedule your consultation for accelerated orthodontics by phone or online at Embassy Row Orthodontics today.