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Accelerated Orthodontics

Our practice has always been a leader in adopting new technology. We were one of the first to embrace the use of Sure Smile (robotic orthodontic wire bending), 3D simulation of treatment results, virtual bracket placement, and Incognito Hidden Braces. Acceledent Aura

The future of orthodontics is already here – accelerated treatment time

We firmly believe that the next frontier in orthodontics is controlling the biology responsible for tooth movement. The bone structure surrounding your teeth is constantly changing and is very responsive to light forces. Our practice uses advanced orthodontic techniques to apply precise yet gentle forces that can dramatically accelerate your treatment time. This innovative approach can also release stubborn tooth movements and produce more predictable results. Currently, we offer three different accelerated treatment options: Propel Orthodontics, AcceleDent, and OrthoPulse. All of these accelerated techniques are proven to shorten your treatment time.

Propel Orthodontics reduces treatment time by enhancing bone movement and gentle tooth vibration

Propel Micro-Perforations

Often described as “dental acupuncture,” Propel uses micro-perforations to stimulate the bone around specific teeth. This creates an inflammatory response that softens the bone and allows the teeth to move faster. It’s a simple in-office treatment that only takes a few minutes to perform. Once we have performed an evaluation and you have rinsed your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, we will apply a local anesthetic before treating you with the micro-perforations. With Propel, we are able to accelerate your tooth movements efficiently, with more predictability, and cut treatment time by 30 percent or more.

Propel Vibration Technology

Propel offers another method of orthodontic treatment acceleration by gently vibrating the tooth. Studies and research conducted by experts in the field have proven that vibrations invigorate bone remodeling. Just like Propel’s micro-perforation technology, Propel’s vibration technology can be used with both braces and Invisalign to speed-up orthodontic treatment time. The vibrations, when used with Invisalign, work to adjust the aligners to better fit the teeth. This cannot be achieved by regular use of Invisalign without a vibration device. Aligners can also be changed faster (usually every 7 to 10 days), as normal time is about two weeks for aligner wear.

AcceleDent uses micropulses to boost the speed of treatment

AcceleDent Aura

AcceleDent is a lightweight, hands-free device that you hold comfortably in your mouth for just 20 minutes each day, during which time you can perform most routine activities. AcceleDent’s exclusive SoftPulse Technology® generates small vibrations called micropulses that gently and safely accelerate tooth movement. With AcceleDent, you are able to change aligners weekly instead of every two weeks. In addition, the vibration device helps aligners fit better, which can greatly improve treatment progress.

OrthoPulse stimulates the bone around roots of teeth using low levels of light energy


OrthoPulse can accelerate orthodontics and let your teeth move faster in just one 10-minute session a day. This self-treatment is quick and easy, and works by using very low level (infra-red light) technology. It is the first device approved by the FDA to be used with both braces or Invisalign using this kind of new technology. OrthoPulse’s technology has been proven clinically 100% safe given its documentation in thousands of accredited research articles (over 3,300 to be exact).


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