How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?

Invisalign® is a popular treatment at our orthodontic practice. The removable teeth aligners allow you to straighten your teeth in a more comfortable, discreet way. They can be taken out for brushing and flossing, and you can eat and drink without worrying about food getting caught in metal wires or brackets. The convenience and almost invisible appearance of the aligners cause many patients to excitedly ask us: “How much does Invisalign® cost?”

Embassy Row Orthodontics can work with you to make sure payments stay within your budget, especially since Invisalign® is an important investment that can help your smile become healthier and more beautiful. Our orthodontist, Dr. Wayne Hickory, can examine your teeth to estimate the length of treatment and number of aligners necessary for optimal results, which will ultimately determine the total cost.

Our patient coordinator will review your payment options with you after your complimentary consultation with Dr. Hickory and will tell you how much the Invisalign® procedure will cost. Below are some of the financing options available financing options:

Insurance – If you have a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance plan, ask if Invisalign® is covered. We can work with your PPO to find out how much they will pay for the treatment.

  • Pre-Payment Discount – We offer a discount as an incentive if you would like to fully pay for your treatment in one lump sum.
  • Third-Party Financing – We accept payment through CareCredit®, a reputable healthcare financing company.
  • Multiple Treatment Discount – Do you have immediate family members who need Invisalign®? Ask about our multiple treatment discounts.
  • Customized Payment Plan – We can develop a monthly payment plan according to your financial needs and budget.
  • Medical Flex Spending Accounts – If you have a medical flex spending account, we can arrange your Invisalign® payments.

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