Adults Seek Orthodontic Treatment

As most of our patients (roughly 90%!) are adults, we at Embassy Row Orthodontics already knew that more adults seeking orthodontic treatment was higher than ever! While we get a wide range in ages of patients (patients range from as young as age 7, to over age 65!), we are seeing more older, non-teenager patients than ever before.

The Dental Tribune reports that from 2012 to 2014, “adults seeking treatment from orthodontists in the United States and Canada increased 16 percent, resulting in a record high of 1,441,000 patients ages 18 and older, according to the American Association of Orthodontists’ “Economics of Orthodontics” survey of 2014.”

That’s a huge amount! Why are so many adults opting for orthodontic treatment now?

  • A healthy and straight smile is directly related to higher social and professional success
  • Treatment is much more affordable now. Ten or so years ago, many patients could not afford orthodontics and it was seen as a more cosmetic, rather than necessary, treatment. (Contact us for a complimentary consultation!)
  • There are options for subtle, hidden treatment
  • A straight, aligned smile leads to better oral health

Some fascinating facts… Did you know?

  • An estimated 27% of orthodontic patients in North America are over the age of 18
  • 92% of adults that have gone orthodontic treatment would recommend to others
  • 75% of adults say that success in personal and career life is related to orthodontic treatment

Teeth can really be moved at any age, even with the common misconception that orthodontics is limited to teenagers. Whether you are interested in braces or Invisalign, or just want to know more about orthodontics and our services, we are here to help. As leading experts in the orthodontic field (Dr. Hickory was one of the original Invisalign pioneers), we know what we are doing.

Read the full article from Dental Tribune here.

(Source: Dental Tribune and American Association of Orthodontics)