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Rosalind Sinoro

Clinical Expert

What are your main responsibilities?

My responsibility is working directly on our patients, which ranges from taking diagnostic records of their orthodontic treatment (x-rays and photographs), plan and execute their treatment, removing braces, and retention management.

How does your work impact our patients? What do you do to make their experience special?

Patients are excited and enjoy coming to our office because we provide excellent and comprehensive care. Additionally, I treat every patient to his or her individual need as each patient has a different treatment plan. I enjoy helping patients, as it is very rewarding to be a vital part to help patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Interesting Facts

I am a down-to-earth “homebody” and find joy in fixing things in my home. I like relaxing at home when I am not working, and like to stay updated on current events and watching TV. I enjoy spending time with my son, Steve, and going shopping. My favorite food is traditional Filipino food and my favorite dessert is flan.