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Michaw Thaung Morris

Assistant Manager & Treatment Coordinator

What are your main responsibilities?

As the Assistant Manager and New Patient Coordinator, I meet with all new patients to understand their orthodontic needs. This allows us to create truly customized treatment plans that result in brilliant straight teeth. I love my role because I get to help educate patients so they are better prepared to make smart decisions for their orthodontic health.

How does your work impact our patients? What do you do to make their experience special?

I meet our patients in order to provide information to them and help to answer any of their questions and concerns. I aim to make the patient experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  I understand that patients may have many questions regarding braces or Invisalign so I do my best to answer all of them.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Prior to my role here at Embassy Row Orthodontics, I used to serve in the US Army Reserves. Now I spend my free time advocating for my furry friends, helping and rescuing animals. There is nary a creature that I do not want to nurture, from spiders to dogs. When I’m not saving animals, you can find me curled in my bed, eyes glued to the latest political TV drama series.

As an athletic, animal-loving person, my dream vacation would be spent exploring the unknown alongside my beloved Lhasa Apso, Famous (while trying new recipes and restaurants to appeal to my inner gastronome).