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Health Insurance Specialist

What are your main responsibilities?

I confirm insurance coverage with insurance companies by diagnostic and procedural codes. Additionally, I schedule appointments and procedures and verify insurance information. I perform a multitude of administrative tasks such as responding to patient inquiries by phone and email, complete data entry and filing to record patient and insurance data, and resolve billing issues by discussing contract with third-party payer; explaining insurance contract with patient; negotiating settlement.

How does your work impact our patients? What do you do to make their experience special?

I ensure that they are maximizing their insurance coverage by accurately billing their coverage. I also assist on administrative duties so I help schedule patients to best accommodate their schedules. Dealing with insurance can be time consuming so I ensure that I help patients to best and efficiently receive their benefits.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have a variety of interests and hobbies, which range from hiking to shopping. I enjoy photography, playing Internet games, and watching anime. My favorite animals are tigers and puppies, and I love eating sushi and ramen. I’m compassionate, fun, and a foodie who loves lounging on the beach.