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We know that once you finish orthodontic treatment, you’re excited to show off your smile. Even with regular dental visits and diligent oral hygiene, you may still develop stains over time. That’s why we offer teeth whitening treatment at our office in Washington D.C. – so you can look your best and boost your self-confidence.

Types of teeth whitening products

There are many options for whitening your teeth, whether it’s at home with an over-the-counter (OTC) product or through a dental professional. Though convenient, OTC products can’t match the power of professional whitening or the safety of doing so with an orthodontist. Here at Embassy Row Orthodontics, we offer Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed to help you achieve quicker and more effective results.


The fast track to whiter teeth

In only 45 minutes, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed can whiten your teeth up to eight shades. The procedure begins with a shade assessment and a short preparation period followed by three 15-minute bleaching sessions, with an optional fourth 15-minute session depending on your treatment goals and tooth sensitivity. 

We apply a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth, designed to break up the stains. An LED light powered with innovative technology is then used to accelerate the whitening gel chemical reaction. Once the treatment is complete, you’ll receive custom trays, take-home whitening gel, and Relief ACP Oral Care gel to relieve any potential tooth sensitivity. 


Whiter teeth in Washington DC

If you’re interested in brightening your smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening, contact our office in Washington D.C. to schedule an appointment.

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