Orthodontic Appliances


Orthodontic appliances are a type of dental technology designed to treat malocclusions, the misalignment between the teeth of the two dental arches when the jaw is closed. At Embassy Row Orthodontics, we offer a variety of appliances to accommodate these orthodontic needs and to help our patients achieve the beautiful smile they’re looking to have.


The midpalatal suture, the junction running down the middle of the palate, permanently fuses around age 14. Before this occurs, we can expand the upper jaw with a palatal expander appliance, which can be used as a removable appliance (like a retainer). In some cases, it needs to be bonded to the teeth.

Twin block

These are simple acrylic bite blocks designed for full-time wear. There are two parts, an upper and a lower part, which work together to move the lower jaw forward by a screw mechanism. This allows the lower jaw to “lock in” and grow to its full potential.


Rubber bands

Also known as elastics, these appliances are used with braces or Invisalign to create gentle, constant force to pull your teeth into alignment. It’s very important to wear your rubber bands as recommended by your orthodontist since they will help shorten your treatment time. Rubber bands are versatile in the sense that they can be used to correct an overbite or underbite.


Reverse headgear

This removable appliance is used to bring the upper jaw forward while restraining the growth of the lower jaw. Reverse headgear needs to be worn between 12 to 22 hours per day. Overall wear time is usually anywhere from 12 to 18 months, depending on the severity of the bite and how much your jaws and bones are growing over this time.


Habit appliances

Tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, snoring, and sleep apnea are common problems, but can be fixed with orthodontics. We offer different habit appliances to help repress and eventually eliminate these harmful habits.

  • Tongue thrusting crib – an appliance similar to a mouthguard that is worn at night and reduces tongue pressure on the front teeth.
  • Palatal crib – designed to break thumb sucking habits, this appliance disrupts the insertion of a thumb into your child’s mouth.
  • Silent Nite – aids in treating snoring and sleep apnea by moving the jaw into a forward position, increasing the airway space and reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration.

Orthognathic surgery

In some instances, the severity of a patient’s orthodontic problems may require them to have orthognathic surgery. If your orthodontic problem needs further treatment beyond orthodontic appliances, we’ll work with a specialist surgeon to ensure you receive the very best orthodontic treatment you need.


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