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Our practice has always been a leader in adopting new technology. Here at Embassy Row Orthodontics in Washington D.C., we are passionate about improving treatment experience. New technologies allow us to accelerate treatment time and results for our patients.

PROPEL Orthodontics

Our patients have access to PROPEL technologies, which reduce treatment time by enhancing bone movement and gentle tooth vibration.

PROPEL Micro-Perforations

Often described as “dental acupuncture,” PROPEL uses micro-perforations to stimulate the bone around specific teeth. This creates an inflammatory response that softens the bone and allows the teeth to move faster. It’s a simple in-office treatment that only takes a few minutes to perform. With PROPEL, we can accelerate tooth movements efficiently, with more predictability, and cut treatment time by 30 percent or more.

PROPEL Vibration Technology

PROPEL offers another method of orthodontic treatment acceleration by gently vibrating the tooth. Studies and research conducted by experts in the field have proven that vibrations invigorate bone remodeling. Just like the micro-perforation technology, the vibration technology can be used with both braces and Invisalign to speed up orthodontic treatment time.



AcceleDent is an easy-to-use medical device designed to straighten teeth more quickly, and with very little discomfort. The device is hands-free and requires only 20 minutes of use each day. It features SoftPulse Technology, which gently accelerates the movement of your teeth and can reduce your treatment time by up to 50%. Additionally, AcceleDent is also clinically proven to reduce the pain and discomfort often associated with orthodontic treatment.



OrthoPulse can accelerate orthodontics and let your teeth move faster in just 10 minutes a day. This simple self-treatment works by using very low level infra-red light technology. It is the first device approved by the FDA to be used with both braces and Invisalign using this technology. OrthoPulse’s technology has been clinically proven to be 100% safe given its documentation in thousands of accredited research articles.



Once your braces are removed, you’ll move into the retention stage of your treatment. Without retainers, your newly aligned teeth may slowly shift back to their original positions, a common phenomenon known as orthodontic relapse. To protect the investment you made in your oral health, we recommend wearing your retainers regularly to maintain your beautiful smile.

Types of retainers we offer:

  • Fixed retainers: also known as permanent retainers, these are made of flexible stainless steel wire and are bonded to the tongue side of the front four or six teeth.
  • Vivera retainers: created with the same technology as Invisalign, Vivera retainers are made from clear, high-quality thermoplastic material and sit over your teeth like a mouthguard.

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