When Is Accelerated Orthodontics an Option?

When Is Accelerated Orthodontics an Option?

Even though orthodontic care has progressed significantly over the last few decades — patients have more treatment options, early intervention orthodontic treatment can help families get a jump on their children’s care, and more — some patients want their orthodontic plans to be completed in less time. 

And let’s face it, if you’re a person who’s beyond busy with family, work, and other commitments, the idea of getting your smile corrected quicker can seem pretty compelling.

Dr. Wayne Hickory offers an innovative service called accelerated orthodontics, which allows you to complete your treatment in significantly less time than if you received standard treatment with braces or Invisalign®. He and the able Embassy Row Orthodontics team make your patient experience — no matter what its duration — an absolute pleasure, thanks to their expertise, patient-centered approach, and warmth.

What does accelerated orthodontics involve?

Think of accelerated orthodontics as the smile-correcting equivalent of jumping in a Porsche and going from 0-80 miles per hour in 15 seconds. 

While braces treatment and correction with Invisalign typically takes anywhere from 1-3 years, some factors greatly impact treatment time and can lengthen it, including your particular orthodontic issues, from bite problems to crowding, and how well you follow your orthodontist’s instructions in terms of oral hygiene, coming into the office for maintenance visits, and avoiding certain foods.

Amazingly, accelerated orthodontics can slash your treatment time dramatically.

What accelerated orthodontics options do you offer?

Dr. Hickory offers two accelerated treatment options to patients:

  1. PROPEL® micro-perforations is a treatment that creates tiny punctures in certain portions of your jawbone to soften your bone. We like to say that it’s like the orthodontic equivalent of the popular skin treatment, microneedling. This softening of your bone in strategic places, where needed, helps your teeth move to their respective desired locations more quickly.
  2. PROPEL vibration technology also impacts your bone by provoking bone remodeling because of the effects of technology that directs vibrations toward your teeth and jawbone.

Dr. Hickory has embraced the PROPEL platform because it’s proven, safe, and highly effective. Patients who have opted for accelerated orthodontics praise this approach because it’s comfortable, and most people can leave our office and go back to normal life immediately after treatment.

Depending on a patient’s specific orthodontic issues, some require a minor surgical procedure before starting PROPEL treatment, but Dr. Hickory assesses you completely to ascertain whether a procedure is needed.

Your jawbone needs to be in good condition to be a good candidate for PROPEL treatments before starting accelerated orthodontic care, and you have chosen braces or Invisalign for your treatment. Some of our patients want to complete their treatment before they go on a big trip or attend an important event, while others want to cut down on time spent on office visits. 

When Dr. Hickory creates your treatment plan, he can outline what treatment time will be, with and without accelerated orthodontic treatment. We are proud to offer this option that more and more patients are investigating and choosing.

Find out more about accelerated orthodontics today by calling our Dupont Circle office at 202-342-9600 or request one by reaching out to us through our website

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