I’m Ready to Start My Year With a Brighter Smile

We hope you’ve ushered in 2023 with cheer and plans for a happy and healthy year ahead.

Does one of your resolutions involve amplifying the impact of your smile?

If you want a more dazzling smile, there are a multitude of ways to achieve it. You play a role in being scrupulous with your daily dental hygiene. We can help you correct alignment, bit problems, and other issues with expert orthodontic treatment, but what if you want pearly whites that are truly pearly and bright?

You may not be aware that Embassy Row Orthodontics offers teeth whitening as a service to our patients, in addition to our extensive menu of other services! Dr. Wayne Hickory and the entire team are happy to provide convenient, comfortable, and effective tooth whitening treatment that we’re sure will wow you.

How teeth become dull looking

Even though various shades are considered normal for teeth, they can become stained through everyday activities like eating and drinking. 

Some of the ingestible culprits responsible for extrinsic (on the outside of your teeth) discoloration include:

Your teeth can also become discolored intrinsically (below our enamel) due to certain medications you’ve taken, illness when you were a child, traumatic injury, and infection. Your teeth can even become duller as you age. 

Fortunately, if you visit us and are displeased with the lackluster appearance of your teeth, we’ve got a treatment that will impress you!

Safe and effective teeth whitening 

Though whitening kits for home use exist, they can pose problems. You can end up with tooth sensitivity after using them, and if they contain peroxide, they may whiten your natural teeth but not any dental restorations, leading to uneven whitening. Also, never use these products if you wear braces because they will only whiten the parts of your teeth that they can reach (i.e., not the parts covered by braces).

After researching in-office whitening treatments, Dr. Hickory chose an excellent one: the Philips Zoom!® WhiteSpeed® whitening treatment platform. 

The method’s powerful but safe hydrogen peroxide gel-based treatment can lighten your teeth up to eight shades! The gel is activated and hastened by a special LED light that Dr. HIckory shines on your teeth after he has applied it. Dr. Hickory performs three 15-minute-long bleaching periods during your session. 

Typically, you receive three whitening treatments, but some patients opt for an additional one for an even more striking difference.

Treatment is easy, and sessions are brief, which our patients love because they’re busy! After your in-office treatment, Dr. Hickory sends you home with special Relief® ACP Oral Care gel to use in case you experience any post-treatment sensitivity and whitening gel and trays to use at home for maintenance. 

In addition to the advantages we’ve already described, in-office teeth whitening is:

After all, if you’ve invested in getting any type of braces or Invisalign® treatment, it only makes sense to want to make your smile the absolute best it can be — and amplify the results of your orthodontic treatment — by brightening them! 

Don’t delay making a teeth whitening appointment with us so you can start 2023 outright — and beautifully! Call our Washington, DC, office at 202-342-9600 or use our convenient online booking tool.

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