How Accelerated Orthodontics Works

Sometimes you just want instant gratification, whether that means taking the cookies out of the oven a bit early to enjoy one, or hitting that snooze button one more time. 

If you’ve considered orthodontic treatment in the past, but were put off thinking about how much time it would take, you should look into accelerated orthodontics, which offer a faster treatment schedule, thanks to additional tools used in conjunction with your braces or Invisalign® aligners.

At Embassy Row Orthodontics, Dr. Wayne Hickory and our team are committed to offering you the most state-of-the art orthodontic treatment options, including accelerated treatment. Braces have come a long way from the days where your only option was metal braces that stood out like a sore thumb — and stayed on for what seemed like an eternity!

Accelerated orthodontics, explained

You might need braces due to a bite problem, tooth crowding, too much space between your teeth, or another issue. Whatever your reason for choosing orthodontic treatment, it’s a process. Treatment that promotes the shifting of your teeth and correct alignment used to take many months to years. 

Accelerated orthodontics changed all that, and is designed for those who want quicker results. This option redesigns your smile in a much shorter time than other, more traditional options. 

What’s the accelerated orthodontic treatment process?

First, Dr. Hickory does an in-depth assessment of your teeth and learns all he can about your dental history and treatment goals. You choose which treatment method you plan to adopt and then Dr. Hickory is able to explain if accelerated orthodontics is a viable option for you, and what type of acceleration method might be best for you. 

What are my choices for accelerated orthodontic treatment?

We’ve got an array of accelerated treatment options to meet your needs and preferences. 

1. PROPEL micro-perforations treatment is similar to skin microneedling — a process where skin is rejuvenated after receiving microscopic punctures to activate a healing response. The difference is that PROPEL treatment is targeted at spots on your jawbone that surround the teeth that need to shift. 

The goal of the treatment is to soften your bone. This creates an environment where your teeth can reposition more easily and quickly, fast-tracking your treatment.

Dr. Hickory uses a small handheld device with settings he can customize to deliver treatme. The technology has been successfully patented and registered with the FDA. 

In our comfortable office setting, you can get PROPEL micro-perforation treatment whether you’re wearing metal, ceramic, or lingual (behind the teeth) braces. Invisalign wearers can also take advantage of this treatment. 

The best part? You get results, on average, 30% faster!

2. PROPEL vibration technology works to align your smile by directing subtle vibrations through your teeth and jawbone. These vibrations fuel bone restructuring, thereby making your teeth shift more quickly. This method can also be used by people with braces or Invisalign aligners.

3. Orthopulse® is an FDA-approved device that you use at home for only 10 minutes per day. It speeds up your treatment using extremely low-level infra-red light technology. This light stimulates the bone located near the roots of your teeth and causes shifting to occur more rapidly than when you rely solely on braces or Invisalign. 

4. AcceleDent® is another at-home device that you use for 20 minutes per day, and it’s hands-free! AcceleDent features FDA-cleared SoftPulse technology that also employs carefully targeted vibrations. They go through your tooth roots to your bone. These subtle movements promote increased cellular activity, causing your teeth to conform to your treatment goals quickly.

AcceleDent not only hastens tooth movement by as much as 50% as compared with traditional braces or Invisalign alone, it alleviates the discomfort that typically accompanies orthodontic treatment. 

5. Retention is the post-treatment step that ensures all that time saved during treatment wasn’t for nothing! After those braces finally come off, your teeth naturally want to go back to their old locations, where they felt so comfortable. 

A retainer is a device that guarantees that the positive changes your treatment brought about remain intact. You can get a fixed retainer, which is bonded to the back of your front four or six teeth, or you can opt for a removable Vivera® retainer that goes over your teeth. It's specifically designed if you received Invisalign treatment. 

Before embarking on accelerated orthodontic treatment, Dr. Hickory makes certain that your bones are healthy and that your health is good in general, because sometimes accelerated treatment requires a minor surgical procedure.  

Accelerated orthodontics may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! This treatment isn’t appropriate for all patients, but it is for many — see if you’re a good candidate by scheduling an appointment to learn more. Call our office or contact us through our website

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