Encouraging Facts About Braces

Encouraging Facts About Braces

Braces have been around for a long time. Believe it or not, archeologists have discovered mummies who had metal and gold wire wrapped through and around their teeth! Later, in 17th and 18th century Europe, more orthodontic advances were made, and teeth straightening and jaw realignment were even further refined in the 20th century. 

Now patients enjoy lightweight braces made out of high-tech materials, and the development of clear aligners was another watershed. 

Dr. Wayne Hickory and the Embassy Row Orthodontics team are representative of the best of what modern orthodontics has to offer patients — and it’s a lot! Patients now have endless choices about how to improve their smiles, and we’re able to create treatment plans based on our patients’ goals and preferences.

Great news about braces

The practice of orthodontics has advanced by leaps and bounds, and orthodontists are happy to be able to offer many choices to patients now. We’ve compiled some braces benefits that we think you’ll like — and find surprising.

1. Braces are more than “metal mouth”

Though some opt for traditional metal braces, even they’re more fun now, available in a rainbow of colors. If you’re more subtle, we’ve got options for you as well. You can consider Invisalign clear aligners, which offer near-invisibility (hence their name) since they’re transparent. 

Or consider lingual braces, which are made of the same materials as conventional braces. The only difference is that all these mechanics are placed on the backside of your teeth so again, the fact that you’re getting orthodontic treatment is anything but obvious. 

2. It’s not too late for braces if you’re an adult

No longer is improving your smile only an option for the tween and teen set. More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment with great success. It may surprise you to learn that a full quarter of the 4 million Americans who wear braces are adults, so if you yearn for a corrected smile, it’s definitely not too late.

3. The benefits of braces aren’t just cosmetic

Braces make your smile beautiful of course, but they also serve more practical purposes. Jaw alignment problems and tooth placement challenges can get in the way of chewing and even speaking properly. These problems have both physical and social ramifications. 

4. Braces are a win-win

Braces offer a wonderfully balanced dual advantage: As they work their magic, braces solve physiological issues that can cause bigger problems down the road, like sleep problems and headaches (even migraines) and they beautify your smile, building your self-confidence.

5. Braces reduce potential tooth decay

If your teeth are crowded, it stands to reason that food will get trapped between them more easily, hastening decay and the development of cavities, as well as gum disease. With properly spaced teeth — thanks to braces — you’re much less likely to face these oral health challenges. 

So if you thought braces were only good for fixing bite and spacing problems, think again! Opting for braces not only fixes a host of problems — as well as making your smile look fantastic — think of them as an important preventive treatment as well. 

To learn more about how braces might benefit you, call our conveniently located Dupont Circle office to book an appointment, or request one through our website

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