5 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontics

5 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontics

Virtual orthodontic, dental, and medical care are cutting-edge care delivery models that can offer patients multiple benefits, when performed smartly and at the right time. Years ago, this type of care was nearly unheard of, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused even the most Zoom-illiterate to familiarize themselves with meeting virtually. 

Dr. Wayne Hickory believes in offering his patients anything that makes their lives easier, whenever he can. He realizes how busy his patients are, whether they’re kids or teens balancing school and extracurriculars, or adults trying to fit in a visit to the orthodontist between family, work, and other commitments. 

Dr. Hickory’s decision to adopt virtual orthodontics has understandably become very popular with patients. 

Everybody’s so busy: How virtual orthodontics helps 

You may be surprised to learn that there are times when it’s appropriate for you to skip the in-person visit to Embassy Row Orthodontics and drop in on us virtually, but you’d be surprised at what Dr. Hickory can do during a virtual visit

Let’s face it. Most of us are busier than we’d like and juggling more responsibilities and meetings than we’d care to — and this goes for our kids as well! 

We’ve found that the virtual care option works for so many of our patients, and since Dr. Hickory and the entire team attend training on how to provide virtual orthodontic care regularly, you don’t have to worry about whether your virtual care is delivered with the same level of quality and expertise as an in-person visit. You can rest assured that it is. 

Orthodontics: There’s an app for that! 

When you commit to receiving some of your treatment through virtual means, you actually download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone. This gets you started on the road to virtual care. From your very first visit with us, Dr. Hickory fully explains to you how the app works so you can use it with ease and confidence.

Virtual orthodontics offers distinct advantages to patients and orthodontists alike:

1. Convenience

The Dental Monitoring app is amazing in that it has the ability to monitor the progression of your correction process. You take periodic photos and upload them to the app. Then, Dr. Hickory can evaluate them. The app not only records, but analyzes the ways in which your teeth are shifting throughout your treatment time. 

The ability of Dr. Hickory to monitor your progress virtually means you say goodbye to the hassle of driving to a slew of appointments through tons of traffic, when you have other pressing things to do. 

2. Significant time saved

Not only does virtual orthodontic care pose much less hassle to patients, it translates to hours and hours of time you’re not sitting here (though we do love to see you!). Do you still have to stop in the office sometimes? Yes, but only every 12 weeks!

3. VIP access to Dr. Hickory

With the app, you have a direct line of communication with Dr. Hickory. He’s available anytime to answer general questions or inquiries that are specific to your treatment. How cool is that?

4. Security

Because the Dental Monitoring app is completely secure, you don’t have to worry that your identity or sensitive medical information are being leaked into the world. All the information you exchange with Dr. Hickory, from photos of your teeth to questions and comments about your treatment, are completely protected and 100% confidential. 

5. Uncompromised treatment quality

Your orthodontic care doesn’t lose an iota of its quality simply because you’re participating in virtual orthodontics. You or your child gets treated as if you’re sitting right here in our chair, with attentiveness and respect.

Whether you’re getting treatment using traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners, or another type, virtual care is appropriate. 

Virtual orthodontics might be ideal for you or your family. Learn more about it by scheduling an appointment with us, or request one online. We’ll be happy to tell you more. 

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