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About Us

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Our mission is to provide exceptionally high quality care focused on comfort, compassion, convenience, and results that delight our patients.

For over 25 years, Dr. Hickory has been on the cutting edge of orthodontics, blending highly personalized care with the innovative digital technology to create a patient experience at Embassy Row Orthodontics that is second to none. That is due to our drive and dedication to using new technologies and taking courses to give you the best service possible.

A Leader in His Field

With a comprehensive background in both traditional and modern orthodontic methods, Dr. Hickory is widely recognized as a pioneer in digital orthodontics—working to combine technologies and to tailor treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs and expectations. The outcome is faster treatment and more accurate results. We know your smile is important to you, so we want to be as accurate as possible.

Dr. Hickory frequently consults other orthodontic practices and teaches courses to dentists and orthodontists throughout the world. Dr. Hickory was one of the first orthodontists in the United States to use Invisalign®, SureSmile™, OrthoCad, and Incognito™—and Dr Hickory has been one of the largest Invisalign practitioners in America for over 17 years.

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